Happy News, and a Call to Action


We did it! Thank you to all of our supporters.

Serendipity Films, LLC and Video Veracity have officially raised enough cost-sharing money to release our grant from the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH). Thanks to private donations, a few major grants, and in-kind labor from some of our team, our film Free for All: Inside the Public Library now has enough funding to get finished this year!

We are so grateful to every single one of you who helped support us and spread the word about the film. Stay tuned on facebook and twitter for more updates as we get closer to completion.

Any donations from now on will go toward distribution and a companion series of short films about libraries – so if you’ve been meaning to give or renew your support, don’t worry, it’s not too late. 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news.

Alarming reports say that the Trump Administration might eliminate the NEH. With urgency, we ask: will you email or call your representatives to tell them funding for the humanities matters to you? This form from the National Humanities Alliance makes it really easy.

Please note: Free for All‘s grant will not be affected by the potential closure of the NEH since our funding comes from last year’s federal budget. That said, the elimination of the NEH would be a tragedy that affects the humanities as a whole for years to come.

Now, we press on.

It’s full steam ahead for Free for All as we prep for another bout of filming around the country. After that, it’s on to more editing, developing the web-based media project, and completing the film before the end of the year.

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